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August 06, 2011
Is Pat on the Back networking, real networking?

Local business people set their alarms late at night in order to wake themselves up at unearthly hours of the morning so that they can head off to a breakfast networking group meeting. Sometimes the meeting may be local to them other times they may have an hour’s or so drive ahead of them before they can stand up and ...

June 23, 2011
Was it easy for Melody Hossaini to connect to the export of products in the apprentice?

Last night was ‘The Apprentice’ night which severed up a delightful guide on how to export (or not as the case may be), all be it on a very small scale.   The task was to select some products from the UK, which were currently not on sale in France, to  see how many items they could sell by targeting their selling ba...

July 07, 2011
Melody’s connection in wishing to be the next Apprentice comes to an end!

Last night brought an end to Black Country based Melody Hossaini’s participation in the latest series of The Apprentice.   She was a project manager for the selling and reinvestment task and not listening and connecting to what the task was, proved to be her down fall.   It would seem for many of the project manag...

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August 08, 2011
Is a Facebook page good for business?

With Facebook now considered being the leader and preferred choice of many participating in social media as it seemingly provides a great way for fans to market their business – all may not be ubur positive and a few things should be seriously considered.   The Facebook Like value   Many businesses race ahead in ...

March 31, 2011
How and why Connect WM started

The theory for Connect WM started about 3-4 years ago as a result of a regular Birmingham central breakfast networking meeting hosted by BRX ceasing.   For a period of about 3 years prior to this I attended many breakfast meetings, in fact I was a networking whore attending anything that was being held because I bou...

September 06, 2011
Is being the best too much to handle?

It all depends on what your view on being the best is, or to put it another way what you’re led to believe by others.   To be a bestselling author, a term used by many can be achieved with a relatively low volume of books being sold - depending on what categories you’re talking, you’re looking at under 1,000 copie...

October 14, 2011
What are your random sales emails like?

Don’t know about you, but recently we have seen a massive increase in the use of random emails which promote a company and / or its wares.   Some emails are sent through what we’d refer to as the normal way i.e. through the likes of outlook express and Gmail, and others are being sent more and more via the likes of ...

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