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August 06, 2011
Is Pat on the Back networking, real networking?

Local business people set their alarms late at night in order to wake themselves up at unearthly hours of the morning so that they can head off to a breakfast networking group meeting. Sometimes the meeting may be local to them other times they may have an hour’s or so drive ahead of them before they can stand up and ...

June 23, 2011
Was it easy for Melody Hossaini to connect to the export of products in the apprentice?

Last night was ‘The Apprentice’ night which severed up a delightful guide on how to export (or not as the case may be), all be it on a very small scale.   The task was to select some products from the UK, which were currently not on sale in France, to  see how many items they could sell by targeting their sellin...

July 07, 2011
Melody’s connection in wishing to be the next Apprentice comes to an end!

Last night brought an end to Black Country-based Melody Hossaini’s participation in the latest series of The Apprentice. She was a project manager for the selling and reinvestment task and not listening and connecting to what the task was, proved to be her downfall. It would seem for many of the project managers...

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April 01, 2011
Businesses use videos to connect to consumers online

As we write this blog..... Videos are fast becoming a way in which local businesses are looking to promote themselves and connect to consumers online. Currently, the realisation is that due to consumer’s hectic lifestyles and there being so much out there for them to absorb - that it’s easier for the consumer to ga...

April 03, 2011
Been asked to connect to a business opportunity at a networking event?

Throughout the West Midlands networking scene, there are growing numbers of people and businesses who on top of what they already do have connected and either bought in to, or may have been convinced at partaking in a specific business opportunity.   There are different business opportunities such as franchising...

June 16, 2011
We don’t want to be a test case…!

“We don’t want to be a test case” perhaps this is something which may not be said to your face, however the fact remains that depending on what you say, what impression you give when talking about your business this is exactly what prospective clients may be thinking in the back of their heads.   A lot of busin...

April 03, 2011
How many businesses can achieve the Sales?

In this current period businesses have had to try things which they are not comfortable with, but know that they need to take action and find new strategies to attract more business.   Telesales and Telemarketing is a way to produce results, with the success average claimed to be 10 contacts results in 1 sale –...

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