Anyone can be a sales person when you give it away

The latest episode of the BBC’s Apprentice again displayed the culture of sales by business individuals.
So what is a true sales person?
Is it someone who has that drive and determination to hit the volume of numbers? Or is it someone who can hit the volume of numbers whilst trying to retain some form of profit.
It was clear from the footage display on the apprentice that sales to one guy were just a numbers thing.
In him attempting to sell (or should we say give away) all the stock at no matter what price, it could be augured that the actions which he took were exactly the same as if you or I had just thrown all the stock in the bin.
The footage at one point showed him walking ba ...

Would most of the current business people if sitting in the dragons den chair; invest?

Business people watch BBC’s Dragons Den for many reasons; some wish to gain a few hints and tips, others like to watch to have a good laugh at the expense of others, and perhaps surprisingly enough a lesser amount will actually watch to see what the competition is.
As we all know there are FIVE well established and proven business entrepreneurs who act as the investment dragons within the BBC TV programme, all of whom take the time to sit down patiently, to listen to the funding pitches being made by the business hopefuls - upon which they then make a decision on whether or not to invest.
Most of the time there is total shock from the watching business community when the Dragons decl ...

Saving face whilst Business Networking is a real problem

Saving face when at Business Networking meetings can become a real big problem for some. 
Fact is that business networking can be a very daunting thing for those who are not used to it, it’s not necessarily the actual attending of the networking meeting but more so the “what do I say” element. 
We all hear about business networking and how one group is different to another, how the benefits are better when compared to others and how if you don’t take up that empty chair in a meeting which is worth 10k in sales one of your competitors will. 
The sad reality is that there are a good number of new businesses as well as existing ones which are not prepar ...

Has Business Networking become a poor educator?

Business networking has been around for a number of years now. Currently, it would seem that more and more people are setting up their own business networking groups - because for some, not only does it seems like a good thing to do and makes them feel busy and important, but they also see it as a way to build a database of contacts – despite perhaps not really serving any real targeted purpose for their core business. 
The big problem with business networking today, is for some unknown reason such business networking meetings are having nothing really to do with business and if there are elements of business it could be as low as 10% of the content of the meeting. 
Busines ...