The Connect Brunch is being introduced by Connect WM

03/03/2013 by

Connect WM a local West Midlands business portal held its first Business Exhibition last week at the Clarendon Suites, Hagley Road, Birmingham.

The purpose of the event was to be able to connect local businesses to each other as well as provide educational business seminars on topics which were felt would assist existing and new start-up businesses, in products and service awareness to either assist or complement their own businesses.

There was on the morning of the exhibition a confirmed attendance figure of 268 people; however this figure was not achieved throughout the day.

Trevor Tierney a Connect WM representative said “I find it quite astounding as to how the way business seems to have gone. I fail to comprehend how people and businesses can seemingly book on to something and then come the day, simple ignore the fact they’ve done so.”

Although the Connect Business Exhibition seems to have done a relatively good job on the day, with one exhibitor ‘CreditSafe’ actually making a sale on the day and a majority of other exhibitors saying although the footfall was reduce those businesses in attendance were of the exact type for their intended audience.

Mr Tierney continued by saying “In my view businesses’ simply ignoring things displays the lacklustre way in which business is seemingly done today. Worst still is that it’s readily accepted by many as the way things are today – for us all to stand a chance steps have to be taken to change how things currently are.”

“As it was the first event we knew that footfall would be reduced simply because research showed it always is, but we’re more than happy that we achieved our goal of Quality over Quantity which if we’re all honest is the only way how business and the local economy will start to grow.”

Connect WM plans to hold more business exhibitions whilst at the same time implementing a method to further attempt to attract a higher attendee turn out whilst looking to attract those businesses who are serious.

The plan is to now hold a Connect Brunch prior to the beginning of any or all Connect Business Exhibitions which will see attendees paying a nominal fee to attend. Mr Tierney said “the aim is simply if businesses are considering attending perhaps they’ll think twice when the money is coming out of their own pocket.”

Plans are now underway to organise the next Connect Business Exhibition and first Connect Business Brunch.