A Budget of Nought to Free

13/10/2010 by

Due to the continuing instability of the current economic climate, businesses when approached are now looking to spend next to nothing on the advertising and promotion of their company.


In fact the price which many are now looking to spend in a majority of cases is from £0 to Free, and they then wonder why advertising and promotion doesn’t work for them.


Now it is true to say that not all paid advertising and promotion works, but let’s spin this on its head and ask the question if that’s the case why do businesses assume that all free advertising should work? It’s simply a question of doing things right and not half heartily, not to getting carried away in putting yourself in the negative zone of promotion.


Companies will say that advertising and promotion doesn’t work for them, what the actually mean is that free advertising and promotion doesn’t work. Advertising and promotion would be cost effective put something in to get something out...put nothing in and don’t be too surprised if you get nothing out.


Notice that I use the words ‘Advertising’ and ‘Promotion’ in the same phrase and this is because in truth advertising unless spending a vast amount does not necessarily work in terms of immediate sales.


What it does do is create Promotion of the brand, company, product/service, therefore advertising and promotion should be viewed as a more long term action. In percentage terms when looking at the actual spend to sales ratio, referrals and word of mouth promotion far out strips that of straight out advertising.


Thing is, it’s a real necessity in needing to do both elements (Advertising and Promotion) to be able to reach the goal of sales.


In this modern age if someone referrals a product or service to someone then the chances (which are very high) is that if they don’t know of the company or product being referred, the first thing they will do is get on to the internet and search for it via Google, or Bing or similar search engine.


Seeing it within the search results on the internet somehow instils confidence to the user, it seems to provide a stamp of awareness and approval. It’s the look and feel, the message being told within website once accessed from clicking on the search results that can blow any chances of sales out of the window. Businesses forget that their website is an advertising tool, so is SEO, Design, Printing, Business Cards, Press Releases and so on....the list can be endless.


If you’re one of those businesses who say that Advertising and Promotion doesn’t work, then you should remind yourself how you came across things within your business, for instance how did you know how to find that new product or suppler, how did you get that commercial loan or mortgage, how did you know who to go to access new staff.


If they constantly used a budget range of £0 to free to advertise and promote, would you still have used them, would they have visually instilled confidence in you.......only you truthfully know the answer.