Puppy and Falcon now in Chesterfield too!

07/11/2012 by

CMA Moldform Ltd, a Birmingham based company, has manufactured and installed two more dramatic sculptures which have been added to a Derbyshire town's shopping area to help bring in more visitors.

Further to the 'Gloved Hand' signage that CMA produced and installed in Chesterfield earlier this year, as part of a European Arts Funded project, a 'Sleeping Puppy' and a 'Falcon' were installed on 30th September 2012 within the city centre, in the old part of the town.

The Sleeping Puppy, based upon a Labrador and weighing over 750kgs, has been installed upon a gold plinth. Cast from Crystal Clear resin, it is 2m x 1.2m x 1m high and is lit with LEDs from underneath to produce a gentle glow.

The Falcon was sculpted up to one and half times life size,

made from pewter and it sits upon a frosted Crystal Clear resin rock, which is underlit to give the Falcon a most dramatic appearance. The Falcon is encased in a 200 kilo Bell Jar, manufactured from Crystal Clear resin, which is mounted upon a gold circular plinth.

Commissioned by Lead Consultant Geoff Wood for Chesterfield Borough Council, the Puppy can be found near Theatre Yard, which was once known as The Kennels, and the Falcon has been installed in Falcon Yard.

Peter Turnock, Managing Director of CMA Moldform Ltd said “We were delighted to have been involved in such an interesting and challenging project and, together with Geoff Wood, we are very proud of the end results. We hope that the Chesterfield public enjoy these sculptures as much as we have.”