Hoar Cross Hall Couple Set Up Foundation Fot Twins

17/11/2014 by

Hoar Cross Hall owner Steve and Maggi Joynes have founded the Grace & Jenson Foundation following the tragic loss of their own twins earlier this year at 21 and 24 weeks gestation. 

The Foundation aims to provide dignity for babies lost through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death by offering suitable clothing packs to bereaved parents working in conjunction with the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. 

To raise money and awareness of the Foundation, Hoar Cross Hall will host a Winter Fashion Show on the 20th November courtesy of Lichfield boutique Bijou at No.15, there will also be Christmas shopping stalls, hair and make-up demonstrations and mini treatments.  Full information can be found at http://www.hoarcross.co.uk/events/winter-glamour 

Proceeds from the event will be split between the Grace & Jenson Foundation and Solihull Sands the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby and promoting research to reduce the loss of babies’ lives.  

Maggi and Steve lost their twins at Heartlands Hospital this April. Jenson died at 21 weeks, when his heart stopped due to loss of amniotic fluid. Grace was healthy for a further three weeks before Maggi went into premature labour and she was stillborn at 24 weeks.  

Among all the pain, tears and despair, they were faced with real practicalities about how to bring as dignified an end to the twins’ lives as possible. Chief amongst these was the total lack of suitable clothes at the hospital for any baby under the age of 28 weeks. The twins were swamped in them, so they spent some frenzied hours trying to find something that would provide the twins the dignity they deserved. 

At this time, they were introduced to Clare Beesley, a bereavement support midwife at Heartlands. She helped them through the darkest times imaginable, with her inspirational mixture of empathy, care and compassion. At a time when they felt bereft, she handled the practicalities of caring for Jenson and Grace. But the issue of clothing proved beyond even Clare’s control and this compounded their pain. 

Finally, after days of research they tracked down some clothing for Grace and Jenson, but they were not ideal and how anyone would like to say goodbye to a lost child. This struck a powerful chord with Maggi and Steve. Over the following months, they explored setting up a foundation to fill this gap. The aim was to provide a suitable clothing pack to parents who had have lost their children at Heartlands Hospital who would follow in their footsteps. The hope is to provide a tiny ray of sunshine for parents who face a similar life-changing event in the future, as well as remembering Grace and Jenson. 

Bereavement support midwife Claire Beesley commented; “For many, the most natural thing is to want to dress their baby and for those babies born over 28 weeks there are many baby clothes that are easily available for parents to choose from. However, for those babies born under 28 weeks this has proven to be very difficult with many families resorting to buying dolls clothes that are often still far too big, and many families struggle to find what they really want for their baby and that is normal baby clothes for tiny babies. Now, thanks to the Grace and Jenson Foundation, we are able to provide families with this invaluable gift to enable families to dress their baby. 

Each precious baby has the right to be cared for with love and tenderness, care and dignity and we endeavour to do this at all times. We are very grateful to the Grace and Jenson Foundation for providing us with these much needed clothes and blankets to give to families and feel inspired that out of their own sadness they have found the strength and compassion to go on and help others. 

We are proud of the work we do, we know it makes a difference and we really care about our families and their precious babies.” 

The Winter Glamour event is the first of many events planned at Hoar Cross Hall to raise money for the Foundation. Tickets are available on 01283 576 527 and are priced at £15. Please quote booking reference ‘Glamour’ when booking tickets.