Flood Defender provided immediate protection when family hit by third flood in as many weeks

31/08/2012 by

UK Flood Barriers has offered support to a family who were victim to catastrophic flooding last month in Hereford by donating and installing its innovative Flood Angel® Flood Defender barriers.


The Roberts family lost almost everything they owned when the torrential rain conditions led to a combination of water, mud and a deluge of debris entered their hill-side home on the second floor, resulting in the ceiling crashing down and flooding the ground floor.


Only days later, they were again hit by another flood of severe intensity, with equally devastating results. As the family do not have adequate home insurance to cover the damage, local councillors have rallied round and sourced donations from national and regional companies.


This event was just one of hundreds to occur across the UK, as the country endured the wettest three months on record from April to July 2012.


Droitwich-based UK Flood Barriers has donated three of its pioneering Flood Angel® Flood Defender barriers to protect the family against any future flooding events. Immediately following installation on the 6th August, the family was hit again by another localised flood, and the barrier instantly came into use, protecting the property from any further damage.


Frank Kelly, chief executive, UK Flood Barriers comments: “Since the start of May, more than 3,000 properties have been flooded in the UK, and the Roberts family are representative of the human side of such events.


By donating three of our barriers we are able to help protect them from the catastrophic results of flooding.


Although we are unable to turn back the clock, the impact of the flash flood that occurred in August was severely minimised due to the recent installation of our solution.”