ConnectWM decides to move the date of its exhibition from 8th November 2013

22/10/2013 by

It would appear that holding a business event for the benefit businesses within the West Midlands is getting harder and harder to do. 

Whilst organising a business event has always been hard, it appears to be getting harder as there is fast becoming a big hesitation by local businesses, in them wishing to give up their time in order to attend the ‘same old’ type of business event. 

In the days of business link, many business people perhaps never gave a second thought in fulfilling their obligation of actually turning up to the event they had actually booked on, thinking it didn’t matter if they turned up or not, perhaps because they had nothing at stake and it was seen as the governments money. 

The same is now said for business events which are held by many private enterprises as well as government funded business support operations. But this time the problem being, that with so many business events being held and false promises made in order to gain the attendance and sell spaces  – local businesses have grown tired of seeing the same old people, and hearing the same old things....! 

ConnectWM was looking to try and address this after having listened to local businesses. 

By holding a Connect Lunch and using a new Funding by Networking format, it was trying to fulfil a need of local business in terms of funding, whilst at the same time trying to actually get the people who mattered to the exhibitors in the room i.e. the decision makers. 

ConnectWM does not wish to provide false promises in order just to sell stands and build numbers, so when asked by prospective attendees questions like “what’s the footfall?” “Whose going to be there” “Blimey not another business event how’s yours any different” “Send me the delegate first then I’ll decide?” yes you heard right.....the truth has to be told. 

And the truth is...... that whilst we have a number of exhibitors booked, and whilst we have a number of business delegates booked on the lunch we are currently not safe in the knowledge that what were actually going to achieve in time what our paying customers were actually expecting to see for paying to be there. 

However we have an awful amount of businesses who are saying “leave it with me and I’ll let you know...!” 

Well we’re just not prepared to wait until the eleventh hour to see what happens, as we have a duty of care to our customers in providing them with the things they paying to receive. 

Right at the start in promoting our Funding by Networking event we stated that if we didn’t reach 150 paying business delegates the meeting would not take place, and whilst we have in excess of this figure interested, we currently do not have confirmation of this by way of payment. 

Quite rightly local businesses have an extreme hesitation in wishing to commit not only their time, but also forking out their hard earned cash for beneficial products/services. 

Connect WM hopes that by moving the date of its Connect Business Exhibition it is seen in the spirit that such a change has been made for the right reasons, and whilst it could have a negative connotations against Connect WM, we hoping that decision is seen for the real reason behind it. 

The culture and assumption within the event field it that everything is FREE, the venue, the food, the people manning the event.......Why on earth would anyone think this? 

Whilst in part this may be correct via a 3rd party business groups - It still means that at source there is a cost which is incurred.....i.e. the venue..! NOTHING IS FOR FREE......! 

Connect WM has taken the decision to move the date of its exhibition which was originally planned for the 8th November 2013, to 7th February 2014.