Concept Communications launches to offer an agile approach to marketing in a rapidly evolving world

Kathryn Hyde founder of Concept Communications Ltd

The digital marketing revolution has been on everybody’s radar for quite some years now, and a gradual shift towards the utilisation of digital platforms to connect with customers, create communities and encourage more of a two-way conversation between brands and consumers as opposed to the traditional “push” model has been taking place gradually.

However, the unforeseen impacts of the global pandemic have sped this process up, resulting in somewhat of a skills gap. This is particularly felt in industries relying on traditional distribution models. Having historically had less direct interaction with end consumers of their products, the gradual adoption of digital marketing skills by existing teams has been seen as less of a priority.

The pandemic has shifted an even larger portion of consumers to online purchasing, even for products that up until the pandemic were favoured for bricks and mortar distributors and retailers.

Businesses have been expected to adapt their marketing approach very quickly to a new way of life, and the degree of success brands have had with this has very much depended on their agility and the availability of digital skills within the existing marketing team.

In more traditional industries, or manufacturing environments such as are prevalent in the Midlands, marketer’s skill sets are often focused toward New Product Development and the creation of support materials for distributors and retailers rather than communications and digital engagement with product users.

Additionally, in recent years, digital communications activities such as running social media channels, email marketing and online PR have been delegated to members of the team who are fresher into the workforce, however as the world evolves and these mediums come to the fore in being crucial strategic opportunities to connect with customers, brands are left with a gap in understanding between business strategy, marketing strategy, and a deeper understanding of how utilisation of digital techniques can support them.

This is where Concept Communications can help firms operating in more traditional sectors to plug the gaps between what they are currently doing, and what their consumers expect of them in a post-pandemic world.

Concept Communications is a new full-service marketing agency based in Staffordshire, founded and led by Kathryn Hyde who has held marketing management position in Stoke-On-Trent based manufacturing firms and has helped organisations develop their connection with consumers through the utilisation of digital communications mediums. Kathryn is an MBA level strategic marketer, which underpins her wider knowledge of business strategy, enabling her to combine a strategic perspective with modern marketing techniques.

Concept Communications combines engaging design and the development of user-friendly interfaces with a deep understanding of your customer journey and their behaviour, helping you to create a serious impact out there in the market.

Concept Communications offers a free marketing audit to help you identify opportunities to increase your return on investment into marketing.

To request your audit please contact Kathryn via email at or by phone on 07817 488 522.

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